Beach Cruiser Bikes

When you have a house or an apartment that’s just a short ride away from the beach, it’s great to have a few different options for enjoying the water, sand, and beautiful scenery. If you haven’t yet considered purchasing a beach cruiser to ride along the beach, now’s the time to start looking around and buy one.

Cruiser bikes, otherwise known as beach cruisers, were a big hit back when our parents were young. But as trends do though, these bikes eventually fell out of popularity. In recent years, beach cruiser bikes have received a second wind, becoming a favorite way to enjoy the coastline and for casual riding on the boardwalk or around town.

Some Information About Beach Cruisers

  • Rugged But Comfortable

    Although the beach cruiser name suggests a laid back nature, these bicycles have the durability for a long, enjoyable riding experience. The classic combination of a single-speed drivetrain and steel framing is built to last while you enjoy a smooth ride with the balloon tires and comfortable seating position.

  • Not For Speed Riding

    If you’re looking for a product to use for some serious sweat and exercise around the beach, you might want to consider other bike designs, as the speed of beach cruisers is relatively slow and designed for casual stop-and-go riding, sightseeing tours, and exploring the beautiful beach landscape.

  • There's No Better Choice

    If you’re determined to find a bike that’s got lots of comfort, longevity, and a classic style to boot, there’s no better bike on the market today than one of the many varieties of cruiser bikes. When it comes to beach cruisers, maybe our parents got it right this time. They sure knew how to ride.